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  • TCS partnered with J&J on its digital transformation journey to build a technology stack, improve the customer experience, and open new business opportunities.
  • Using TCS' IoT expertise, J&J is designing new opensource IoT platforms to drive innovation and agility in the manufacturing and supply chain processes for quality products and better patient outcomes.
  • Using data, AI, and ML, and moving from a vendor-specific solution to a self-serving solution, helped J&J reduce their release time from up to 35 days to two hours.



J&J creates new IoT architecture with TCS

Jun Chen, Head - Supply Chain Digital Product Management, Johnson & Johnson (J&J), discusses how the company has been making strides toward its mission of creating a healthier world with TCS fueling digital transformation. 

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Johnson & Johnson (J&J), the world's largest pharmaceutical, medical devices, and consumer products healthcare company, endeavors to improve healthcare access and affordability, and create healthier communities.

Legacy systems and applications and vendor-dependencies were limiting J&J’s potential. They chose TCS as their digital transformation partner. With TCS' trust, innovation, and reliability, J&J aims to keep customers’ health and well-being at the core of their vision.

TCS’ deep contextual knowledge, digital strategy, and technology stack have enabled J&J to revolutionize their manufacturing process. Using TCS' IoT expertise, J&J and TCS are designing new opensource IoT platforms that drive innovation into product development and supply chain processes, to deliver better quality products to patients and provide superior patient outcomes.