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Avery Dennison Adopts Enterprise Automation

Becoming future-ready with human-machine collaboration

Avery Dennison
Process Industry


Avery Dennison overhauls its redundant processes using automation.

Globally renowned material science company Avery Dennison pursued large-scale enterprise automation, focused on increasing its human-machine collaboration capacity. Automation is at the heart of the firm’s strategic priorities and it aims to eliminate redundant complexities in its business and IT operations. To achieve these goals, Avery Dennison chose to partner with TCS given our proven expertise in infrastructure management. The company wanted to reduce the time spent on non-value-added tasks and digitally transform its workplace by deploying intelligent processes.


Success Story

TCS embeds Machine-First Delivery Model™ to improve Avery Dennison’s process efficiency.

TCS recommended a machine-first approach equipped with analytics tools and AI to address Avery Dennison’s specific automation needs. With the MFDM™ framework in place, the company modernized its operations. Tools such as robotic process automation, modern service management tools, scripting tools, and alerts for native original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) were deployed by TCS to simplify tasks from Level 1 and Level 2 teams to Level 0 (automation). Avery Dennison partnered with TCS to manage infrastructure services operations, transform employee experience, and strengthen competitive positioning by reengineering the following:

  • Identity and access management

  • Endpoint computing

  • Data center, cloud, disaster recovery, and site infrastructure

  • IT and HR services

“The fact that 72% of our services are now automated is truly world class. Our critical infrastructure & operations team members are now able to focus on more high value activities such as M&A integration and digital transformation.”

Joseph Sanguinetti, Vice President of Infrastructure Services, Avery Dennison


All-round automation optimizes productivity for Avery Dennison

By successfully embracing enterprise automation, Avery Dennison has enhanced operational efficiency along multiple fronts – access management, infrastructure configuration, IT and HR services. 

  • Average IT services net promoter score (NPS) of 86

  • 49% efficiency for self-help services

  • 67% of digital services adoption, unique wired users

  • 99% data center infrastructure availability

  • 100% digital channels for IT services

  • Support provided in over 42 native languages

  • 45% optimization of IT resource effort

  • 59% new projects and tasks managed through automation (no new resource addition)

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