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Existing IT service management practices often increase the mean time to repair and result in poor first call resolution, amid the lack of automation tools and self-service features. Moreover, leveraging mobile applications and social media platforms for timely resolution of IT issues has become a business imperative. The rising complexity of enterprise IT and end users’ demands for a personalized and consistent experience have necessitated the adoption of a next-gen service desk.    

TCS Solution

TCS’ IT Infrastructure Services Digital Desk is aKey features include:

  • Analytics-backed user experience monitoring tools to identify potential IT infrastructure issues, analyze log files and system details for determining the root cause, and take corrective action
  • Digital assistant powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) for faster incident resolution
  • TCS Mobitio enterprise mobility platform to offer services through smart phone applications
  • Analytics engine to derive insights from user data to drive continuous improvement and digital transformation 
  • Automation of troubleshooting for recurring service requests like password reset and status checks
  • Domain and technical expertise at the helpdesk level


  • Superior user experience: Enhance customer satisfaction with faster issue resolution
  • Multi-channel service: Improve issue resolution through mobile and social media platforms
  • Reduce call volume: Deflect 25-30% calls from the service desk through automation
  • Improve organizational efficiency: Increase user productivity with self-help features
  • Lower TCO: Reduce support costs owing to ticket-load reduction 

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