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A roadmap to developing innovative products faster and cost effectively

The automotive products of the future are connected, electrified, and autonomous. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) must find a way to marry product design, development, verification, and validation with product information management. This is crucial to improve product reliability and convenience while enhancing customer experience. Digital product engineering is a game changer for mastering product complexity while reducing production cost. Here are three ways it can transform automotive manufacturing for the next generation:

  • Build a library of requirements and downstream processes based on the requirement category, vehicle lines, and variants for increasing design reuse with a digital solution underpinned by an analytical model.

  • Reduce engineering changes and product lifecycle cost with an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered digital solution.

  • Stream and store data while reducing processing time, minimizing cost and improving decision- making.

Derek Highet

IT Business Partner for Quality, Jaguar Land Rover

Anjani Kumar Budhadev

Consulting Partner, New Product Innovation and Lifecycle, Manufacturing, TCS


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