Dhirubhai Ambani Int.School triumph


Dhirubhai Ambani Intl. School Boys


Lokhandwala Foundation School Boys

The second edition of the TCS IT Wiz at Mumbai, reflected a marked improvement in the performance of all the teams that took part in the quiz. The teams were part of the prelim that comprised of 20 questions from across the world of IT.

The prelim led to the top six teams, who were:

Lokhandwala Foundation School - Advaita Pandya & Anchit Nanelkar
Army School - Vikraman & Mustafa Ahmed
Navy Childrens School - Srinidhi B & Vishal Yadav
Dhirubhai Ambani Intl. School - Neil & Sanchay J
Arya Vidya Mandir - Mohit M & Arnav T
Lilavatibai Podar - Harsh Vedant & Karan Kamath

Excitement rent the air as the quizmaster read out the answers to the prelims and the Mumbai final began with Pickbrain acknowledging the performance of a few teams that narrowly missed the final. As the rounds unfolded, the team from Dhirubhai Ambani Int.School took an early lead while all the other teams were moving in a cluster with nearly equal scores.

In the third and fourth rounds of the quiz Dhirubhai Ambani Int.School surged ahead with truly remarkable answers and a few passes that they were gifted with. While it seemed like a convincing win for them, the unthinkable happened in the final round.

In the final round of the quiz, Lokhandwala Foundation School came back in style with consecutive answers on the buzzer and suddenly with one final question left the quiz seemed to be slipping away from Dhirubhai Ambani Int.School.

However, they held their nerve to win the Mumbai title. The guest of honour, Dr.Gita Piramal, distributed the prizes, the laptops to the winners and appreciated them for the outstanding performance.


Dhirubhai Ambani Intl. School Boys

Runner Up:

Lokhandwala Foundation School Boys