Dr.Kalmadi wins Pune edition


Dr.Kalmadi Shamarao Memorial School


Vikhe Patil Memorial School

"This is one city I love revisiting simple because the quality of quizzing is so high" said quizmaster Pickbrain at the beginning of the prelim even before he had fired a single question. The teams truly lived up to that remark on what turned out to be a brilliant display of knowledge and understanding of IT at a rather tender age.

Over 1000 children took the prelim from which the top six schools were selected for the final. The Pune finalists were:

Army Public School - Aditya Ramani & Gautam Sondur
Dr.Kalmadi Shamarao Memorial School - Harsh Alkutkar & Harsh Raveendra
Delhi Public School - Pune - Rohan Sharma & Chinmay Savant
Bishop Boys'(Camp) - Somdeep Dey & Subhojit Dutta
Symbiosis School - Vishwesh Rege & Ankur Borwankar
Vikhe Patil Memorial School - Tejas Deshpande & Amol Joshi

The final was truly a battle of nerves as all the teams on stage chipped in with answers at the right time especially in the first couple of rounds. The only team that seemed a little ahead of the rest were the duo from Dr.Kalmadi's - a team that was taking part in this quiz for the fifth consecutive year. As the quiz moved on, Army Public School and Vikhe Patil (represented by two little ninth graders) along with Bishop Boys and Symbiosis made progress opening up the battle.

In the final rounds of the quiz, Dr.Kalmadi demonstrated the importance of preparation as they thundered along leaving nothing to chance making it evident they prepared not to lose it this year. Vikhe Patil and Army Public School were locked in a neck and neck battle that went to the final question with the little boys leading by 5points. Army Public hit the buzzer and got it wrong and the little boys were all smiles to have emerged runner up.

The teams received their prizes from the legendary tennis star Nandan Bal who in his message to the children underlined the need for consistency and passion. He also spoke on the importance of dedication and narrated how he recently (at Beijing 08) told Roger Federer "I would give my life to achieve what you have" and Federer replied "I did! (give my life for it)".

For a spectator it was truly heartening to see these young minds so prepared for the future and so aware of what was unfolding across the world. Kudos to them!


Dr.Kalmadi Shamarao Memorial School

Runner Up:

Vikhe Patil Memorial School