St. Judes win Kovai tie


St. Judes (Kotagiri)


SBOA (Chokkapudur)

Breathtaking would be an understatement to describe the Coimbatore final of TCS IT Wiz. After a rather well balanced prelim the following teams made it to the finals.

The six finalists were:

GRG Matric. (Coimbatore)- Kavin & Gowtham
St. Judes (Kotagiri) - Akash & Hiren
BVB (Coimbatore) - Kaushik & Arjun
Satchidananda (Mettupalayam) - Mothil & Karthikeyan
SBOA (Chokkapudur) - Sibhi & Gowtham
SBKV (Coimbatore) - Sunil & Raphu

The final was truly an absorbing fair as the word goes. Last years finalists SBOA looked rather determined to do well this year as they started with a bang on the very first poser of the quiz to establish a quick lead. As the first couple of rounds followed, all teams caught up with SBOA though they were still in the lead.

The round of TCS was thrilling as it was on the buzzer and team St.Judes backed themselves with some calculated risks on the buzzer backed by evident preparation to make a good 15 points in that round. The following round which was the Lateral Thinking round, a Pickbrain trademark, witnessed some truly fantastic and high level quizzing at Kovai, with GRG moving forward to level scores with Judes and SBOA to set up things for a thrilling final round.

If St.Judes took the initiative on the first question it was SBOA that got back on the third and that left St.Judes just 5 points ahead of GRG and SBOA with one final question remaining. Just as Pickbrain hurled the final salvo, team SBOA went for it and got it right to tie the final with St.Judes leaving GRG to be content with a well deserved and worthy third place - a performance that Pickbrain applauded as well.

In the traditional written tie breaker that followed, St.Judes cracked the poser to retain the Kovai title for the second successive year stamping their authority in IT quizzing. The winners received their prizes from Ms. Nandini the guest of honour who urged the kids to translate this knowledge into reality and weave success stories by putting the knowledge one has to useful means and ends.

A fantastic quiz, the best ever one has witnessed in a long while at Coimbatore.


St. Judes (Kotagiri)

Runner Up:

SBOA (Chokkapudur)