Pallikoodam tops Kochi edition


Pallikoodam, Kottayam


Loyola School, TVM

The Kochi edition of the quiz was like a true 20-20 match. Fast paced. High tensions. Great entertainment. A nail biting finish. With over 400 teams in the prelim qualifying to the final in itself was a huge achievement.

The six finalists were:

Loyola School - TVM - Prithvi Lal & Anand Krishnan
Vidyodaya School - Aditya Pulachery & Joe Mathai
Bhavan’s Adarsh Vidyalaya - Arjun R Menon & Aditya Unikrishnan
Hari Sri Vidya Nidhi - Thrissur - Mayug M & Nakul Haridas
Pallikoodam - Kottayam - Vignesh G & Roshan Joseph George
St. Thomas Central School-TVM - R Murali Krishnan & Vivek Joseph

The final began with St.Thomas taking the initial few points of the quiz. Hari Sri Vidya Nidhi, a first time finalist at the quiz represented by a young duo from class 10 and 9 also did well with some powerful answers. Vidyodaya and Bhavans also chipped in to get off the block while Pallikoodam and Loyola played it with singles.

The visual round of the quiz did not really change the patterns as teams moved in a huddle. The next round on the buzzer as @TCS where the duo from Pallikoodam truly stamped their authority on the quiz with some breath taking answers that left even Pickbrain groping for words.Sheer preparation backed by some calculative risks and Pallikoodom moved ahead. Once this happened the other teams were really play catch up.

Just when the battle seemed to drift, there came a series of brilliant answers from team Loyola and they were back in the race. As the quiz moved into the final phases four teams were in striking distance for the ultimate crown in Kerala school quizzing. St.Thomas tried to push ahead but got a negative on the buzzer that set them back a bit while Pallikoodam started playing a mature calculative game by not taking an unwarranted risks. With barely a couple of questions to go they got one bang on to take it beyond the rest and win the title in style.

On the final question, the young Trissur duo from Hari Sri Vidya Nidhi went for a half chance and took a negative else they would have fought a tie breaker for the second place with Loyola. Team Loyola finished runner up after a superb come back.

The winners got a huge bag of prizes including a laptop each while the runners up walked away with digital cameras and a digital photo frame each. All the finalists received prizes as well. As a special incentive the champion team will now travel to Bangalore for a special invitation quiz to be conducted by TCS in association with the Govt. of Karnataka in the month of November.


Pallikoodam, Kottayam

Runner Up:

Loyola School, TVM