Modern Jr. Win epic Pune battle


Modern Jr. College


Vikhe Patil

"Easily the best battle of the year" was how quizmaster Pickbrain summarised the finale of the Pune edition of the quiz. A pulsating finale that witnessed a gruelling battle between Vikhe Patil and Modern Jr was a true treat to be part of.

The prelim which comprised of 20 questions led to the following six finalists.

Dr. Kalmadi Shamrao - Prajwal & Punarvasu P
Bishop's Co. Edu - Rohan & Saptharshi
Hutchings - Sakina & Sahil B
Modern Jr. College - Mihir Rege & Rohan N D
DAV Public School - Arundathi B & Shantanu G
Vikhe Patil - Tejas Deshpande & Amol Joshi

The final was a truly absorbing affair from the word go. Last year's runner up Vikhe Patil seemed rather determined to do win the title this year as they started with a bang and went on to establish a quick lead. As the first couple of rounds followed, it was clear that the title would be fought closely between Vikhe Patil and Modern Jr but the eight standard duo of Bishops Co Ed showed remarkable resolve to battle on gather valuable points and experience.

The quiz moved quickly into the lateral thinking rounds and this is where both Vikhe Patil and Modern Jr. moved well ahead of the others to set up a title clash between them. The final round was a cliff-hanger with Modern Jr. now leading the quiz into the final question. The duo from Vikhe Patil took the plunge on the final question and got it right to force a tie breaker.

In the traditional written tie breaker that followed, Modern Jr cracked the poser to win the title for their institution for the first time. A fantastic quiz, the best ever one has witnessed in a long while at Pune.


Modern Jr. College

Runner Up:

Vikhe Patil