Hyderabad knows IT all!


FIITJEE - Krishna and Rohan


Little Flower - Syed Murtuza and Asher

TCS IT Wiz 2010 made an impressive start to the season with a fantastic quiz setting the tone for an extraordinary round of IT quizzing across India.

Pickbrain kick started the proceedings underlining the fact that the quiz is rolling out on JRD Tata's birthday and that he was a man who always wanted to see an India powered by knowledge and youth power. The words of the quizmaster seemed to be translated at every stage of the quiz as young teams answered posers that seemed way beyond their age and cheered all the good answers reflecting how knowledge is so well received at Hyderabad.

A crisp prelim of 20 questions led to the following six teams qualifying into the final.

Chirec Public School - Aditya and Anurag
DPS Secunderabad - Aishwarya and Sreekar
FIITJEE - Krishna and Rohan
Little Flower - Syed Murtuza and Asher
BVB Jubilee Hills - Sai Teja and Lokesh
Chaitanya Jr.College - Kaushik and Shubham

The final witnessed FIITJEE taking an early lead and consolidating with a few passes that were gifted early on by teams. As the quiz moved into the first couple of rounds, Chirec, Little Flower, BVB and Chaitanya all moved in clusters and were behind FIITJEE that led the fray. The next couple of rounds witnessed a stunning performance by the young duo from Little Flower High School, prompting Pickbrain to comment "They are Little Fire High School today, firing on all cylinders". They battled on from one round to another and with one final question remaining were just 5 points behind FIITJEE.

As the final question came on, FIITJEE took a calculative risk and went for it only to miss and force a tie breaker. However, in the tie that followed, Krishna and Rohan of FIITJEE inched past young Murtuza and Asher to book a place in the national finale of the quiz as proud champions of the Hyderabad edition.

The Secretary for IT and Communications, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh, Ms.Ratna Prabha congratulated the kids and gave away the laptops and other fabulous prizes while Mr.Rajanna, Centre Head TCS Hyderabad said he was truly impressed with the quality of the quiz and the IT savvy children who proved Hyderabad knows IT all.



Krishna and Rohan

Runner Up :

Little Flower

Syed Murtuza and Asher