FIITJEE, Hyderabad - Krishna / Rohan


SBM JAIN PU COLLEGE, Bangalore - Radhika Radhakrishnan / Udbhav Tiwari

Krishna and Rohan, two young geeks from Hyderabad will long remember 2010 as the year catapulted them to be crowned the best IT quizzing team in the nation. Battling against extremely competitive finalists, especially Radhika and Udbhav from Bangalore, the Hyderabad duo held on to their nerves and produced outstanding answers that ensured they won the 'Wimbledon' of school quizzing in India.

The final witnessed Krishna and Rohan taking an early lead and maintain the momentum as the other teams started catching up. Vadodara, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore and Kerala all looked good as they all went after the national title. The round on TCS stumped the audience as the Bangalore duo outsmarted the others with speed and preparation.

As the game moved from one nervous round to another, the Hyderabad duo fashioned a couple of amazing answers that took them ahead of Bangalore and Delhi. The final round witnessed a blazing attempt by Prempal Singh and Anshul, the Delhi duo but the charge backfired as they lost out on the runner up position as well.

At the end of an absorbing afternoon of quizzing it was Hyderabad as champions followed by Bangalore as the runner up. Earlier in the day two exiting semi finals were teams from the 12 cities where the quiz had its regional rounds fought for a place in the national finale.

SBM Jain, Bangalore - Radhika Radhakrishnan and Udbhav Tiwari
New Era Public School, Delhi - Prempal Singh and Anshul
FIITJEE, Hyderabad - Krishna and Rohan
St. Joseph's HSS, Kerala - Boby Sabu and Tomson George
The Hindu Sr. Sec. School, Chennai - Manikandan S and Varun R Sekar
Navrachana School, Vadodara - Abhinav Goyal and Anshul Shah


FIITJEE, Hyderabad

Krishna / Rohan

Runner Up:


Radhika Radhakrishnan / Udbhav Tiwari