Lokhandwala Foundation take Mumbai


Lokhandwala Foundation - Krishnav Roy and Ajaykrishnan J


Thane Pace Jr.College : Nishit Dehia and Shantanu T

"If are talented you will win once, if you combine that with preparation you will win again and again" observed Pickbrain as the duo from Lokhandwala Foundation won the Mumbai final for a second successive year.

The quiz first witnessed close to 500 teams battle through a tough prelim leading the following six finalists.

JH Ambani School - Lodhiwali - Barnopriya and Rushabh
Lokhandwala Foundation - Krishnav Roy and Ajaykrishnan J
Dhirubhai Ambani Int. School - Shaurya K and Karan D
New Horizon Public School - Ms.Chandni Naidu and Ms.Simran Patil
DAV School Nerul - Sanyam Satia and Adithya G
Thane Pace Jr. College - Nishit Dehia and Shantanu T

The final was crisp, fast and tense as all teams looked good in the initial rounds. The Thane Pace Jr. College played well in the first two rounds to stay a little ahead of Dhirubhai Ambani Int. School and Lokhandwala Foundation. Once the buzzer came into play, the boys of Lokhandwala Foundation backed themselves in the TCS round to crack all four questions which stumped the quizmaster and the entire audience. It also put them in the lead.

The lateral thinking round saw teams spilt honours and play with some caution to ensure they did not get any negatives. It was in the final round that the boys from Lokhandwala Foundation gave a very good answer to a poser on 'Angry Birds' thereby securing a place in the national final, yet again. Thane Pace Jr. College finished a very credible runner up followed by Dhirubhai Ambani Int. School who were a sharp team but missed a few chances by not going for the buzzer.


Lokhandwala Foundation

Krishnav Roy and Ajaykrishnan J

Runner Up:

Thane Pace Jr.College

Nishit Dehia and Shantanu T