St.Pauls retain Blore crown


St.Paul's English School - Shishir U and Aashrith Bharadwaj


Kumarans (CBSE) - Athith and Shubham Nandy

With over 700 teams, the auditorium was bursting on as quizmaster Pickbrain took centre stage to welcome the kids and quickly acquaint them of the rules. His quick wit and friendly banter was an instant hit with the children who went about cracking what was in the quizmaster's view 'easily the toughest prelim so far in India'. The following schools made it to the final after a close prelim.

The finalists were:

DPS (East) - Tejas Kothari and Shubendra Trivedi
NPS (K) - Shivani Gupta and Sampath Shanmugham
Kumarans (CBSE) - Athith and Shubham Nandy
NAFL - Tarun Vijjali and Jay Mehta
St. Paul's English School - Shishir U and Aashrith Bharadwaj
NHVPS- Girish Karthikeyan and Sethupathi

The final was a cliff hanger from the word go. Kumarans, NHVPS, St. Paul's and NAFL started very well only for NPS and DPS to draw level in quick time setting the tone for a tense final. Every single question was fought on its merit and teams played very tactical games putting their best foot forward.

In the buzzer rounds, the distance started emerging. As St. Paul's, Kumarans and NPS moved ahead of the rest, Kumarans took two negatives, something that would eventually cost them the title. The lesson at Bangalore seemed to be evident, give an inch and you could miss the title. St. Paul's on the other hand did just the opposite building a tight defense around their points to just not let go of any ground.

While the duo from NPS also did very well, they could have taken a couple more risks to have threatened St. Paul's, who finally emerged winners in a very closely fought final. The second place was a tie which went in favour of the duo from Kumarans.

The guest of honour the Police Commissioner of Bangalore, Mr. Jyotiprakash Mirji inspired the young teams with a crisp observation "The US President will be worried with this talent at Bangalore". Mr. Nagaraj Igari, the VP and Head of TCS Bangalore said "Bangalore always sets the benchmark".


St.Paul's English School

Shishir U and Aashrith Bharadwaj


Kumarans (CBSE)

Athith and Shubham Nandy