New Era win Delhi cliffhanger


New Era Public School - Prempal Singh and Arnav Sharma


Modern School - Apratim Chandrasingh and Naman Dhanuka

Over 1300 kids and the IIT campus was buzzing with action early on a Saturday morning as children came to battle for the final regional edition of the nationwide quiz. Teams from as far as Varanasi, Patna and Jaipur thronged the capital for the quiz. A quick prelim, a tough one at that, was dealt with shouts of ‘no clues please’ from keen quizzers who seemed well prepared for the day.

The finalists at Delhi were:

DPS Noida - Abhijay Gupta and Samarth Wahal
New Era Public School - Prempal Singh and Arnav Sharma
DPS RK Puram - Vidhur B and Bharat Kashyap
Sanskriti School - Himank Yadav and Aryaman Jain
Modern School - Apratim Chandrasingh and Naman Dhanuka
Mount St.Marys - Roshan Gulati and Kanwar Pratap Singh

The final was riveting from the word go. For starters the constitution of the DPS Noida team shocked one and all as they were both from class 9 making it to the final from amongst several class 11 and 12 teams. They were followed by the defending champs from New Era and the other teams many of whom were new schools.

The first few rounds saw most teams getting off the block but as the quiz moved along it was a head to head battle between the defending champs and Modern School with the latter displaying great speed, preparation and eagerness to win.

They led the quiz into the first and second segments and looked all set to go into the national finale but a very fast and resilient New Era bounced back cracking some tough posers with half chances to draw level with the Modern School duo forcing a tie breaker and then winning the same to complete a hat-trick of victories. Quizmaster Pickbrain showered praise on the Modern School team and observed that they would have won in several cities with their score. The New Era duo were thrilled to be back in the finale yet again.


New Era Public School

Prempal Singh and Arnav Sharma

Runner Up:

Modern School

Apratim Chandrasingh and Naman Dhanuka