St.Pauls take Indore debut


St.Pauls - Pankaj Manchanda and Pratyush S


Atomic Energy Central School - Abhishek Naik and Palash Agrawal

“We dedicate this first final of Indore to the teachers of the city on the eve of teachers day” said quizmaster Pickbrain to a thunderous applause from the students which was the perfect icing to a superbly choreographed quiz that was executed to clockwork precision. With over 1000 children, the stage was set for the quiz to roll on. After an interesting prelim the following teams made it to the first ever Indore final.

Choitram School - Swapnil Rawat and Atul Shukla
Atomic Energy Central School - Abhishek Naik and Palash Agrawal
Columbia Convent - Mrudul Gole and Mubashshir Khan
Daly College - Paritosh Gupta and Kuber Bagani
Army School - Karan Vaidhya and Jay Vijay Singh
St.Pauls- Pankaj Manchanda and Pratyush S

The final began with Choitram taking the initial lead and Atomic Energy Central School getting off to a good start as well. As the quiz progressed St. Pauls also began to move ahead with the others to set up an interesting battle.

In the next couple of rounds it was St. Pauls that surged ahead and had a comfortable lead making it seem like they would stride easily into the national final. While many teams tried to move on they could not do so in a sustained manner and St. Pauls decided to play it safe without taking any risks or half chances.

The final round began with Central School and Choitram behind the leader by 20 and 30 points respectively. The duo from Central School decided to give it a go and with a couple of back to back strikes made a dramatic comeback shocking the audience and stunning St. Pauls. With one question to go the quiz was tied and Pickbrain commented ‘It seems like a T-20 match with scores level and one ball to go’.

St. Pauls held their nerve and got the final question right to power their way into the national final and to register their names in the history of Indore school quizzing as the first ever champion school of the nation’s biggest IT quiz.

‘It would be difficult to convince a stranger that this was the first time the quiz was being held here’ remarked Mr. Pramod Bhargava from TCS commenting on the high standards of quizzing the city witnessed despite it being the debut edition.

The guest of honour Dr. Jayant Sonwalkar, Director – Directorate of Distance Education, University of Indore, said ‘Given this performance which is on par with the best in the country, TCS should come back annually with this quiz to Indore’.



Pankaj Manchanda and Pratyush S

Runner Up:

Atomic Energy Central School

Abhishek Naik and Palash Agrawal