BVB Eroor top Kerala final


Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan (Eroor) - Sachin and Abhijhit Menon


Bhavans Adash Vidyalaya - Karthik and Vasudev

Over 700 teams registering, a record Kerala participation, set the stage for an absorbing and riveting finale in a state that is always high on knowledge and the thirst to stay informed has been an obsession. A tough prelim turned out to be easy as the teams were really well prepared. The finalists were:

Bhavans Vidya Mandir - Rishwin F. J and Matthew George
Pallikoodam (Kottayam) - Vineet S and Karthik
Bhavans Adash Vidyalaya - Karthik and Vasudev
Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan (Eroor) - Sachin and Abhijhit Menon
Hari Srividya Nidhi (Thrissur) - Akhilesh B and Shyam K. P
Loyola School (Trivandrum) - Hari Nair and Sachin

The final experienced battle tensions even before a single question was asked, as a team with scores as high as 18 (on 20) missed the final on tie breakers setting the tone for a tight fight. As the rounds began to roll on the animation based software created by the quizmaster, teams started scoring well indicating good preparation and high level of comfort on IT related issues.

As the buzzers came into play, BVB with Sachin and Abhijhit, got ahead of the rest as Karthik and Vasudev from Bhavans Adarsh Vidyalaya tried to chase them down. The former seemed too well prepared as they gave no inch to anyone and consolidated even further. A smart Karthik and Vasudev realized they would not be able to beat BVB and settled to play for the second place. Both Loyola and Bhavans Vidya Mandir closed in for the second place with very good answers but Bhavans Adarsh Vidyalaya held their ground and made it to the runner up title while BVB finished comfortable champions.

The head of TCS Cochin, Mr. Santhosh Kurup, spoke about how one needs to prepare as if they were to live forever drawing from a Gandhian Thought, while Mr. Thomas Simon, Vice President Human Resources TCS, underlined the need for 'good reading and the ability to grasp what one reads makes a difference'.

The guest of honour Mr. Padmakumar (IPS) the IG of Police Kochi Range, a quizzer himself, observed how the standards of quizzing had changed remarkably and said "I came in thinking I know a lot, I leave here realizing I don't know much and I am happy to be humbled by these amazing kids."


Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan (Eroor)

Sachin and Abhijhit Menon

Runner Up:

Bhavans Adash VidyalayaBhavans Adash Vidyalaya

Karthik and Vasudev