Centre Point take Nagpur debut


Centre Point Katol Rd - Aniruddha Morarka and Paritosh Kanhe


DPS - Abhishek Ambulkar and Abubakar C

WINNER: Centre Point Katol Rd - Aniruddha Morarka and Paritosh Kanhe
RUNNER UP: DPS - Abhishek Ambulkar and Abubakar C

“We came to Nagpur not sure if the teams would be ready for a quiz like this, but you have left us thinking, why we did not come here earlier” commented a senior member of the organising team aptly describing the extremely high turnout and quality of over 1400 students at the debut edition of the quiz at Nagpur. The following teams made it to the first ever final after an interesting prelim.

Bhonsala Military School - Raghav Soni and Shresthakant Gour
Narayana Vidyalayam - Mandar Deshpande and Miss. Rucha Balamwar
Bhavans Vidya Mandir - Prakhar Gupta and Anuj Choudhury
Centre Point Katol Rd - Aniruddha Morarka and Paritosh Kanhe
DPS - Abhishek Ambulkar and Abubakar C
BVM Civil Lines- Prachet Agrawal and Karan Tyagi

The final had all teams doing well with DPS slightly ahead at the end of the first couple of rounds. It was in the round on TCS that Centre Point came back with two back to back strikes that got them on par with the teams that were ahead till then.

In the next couple of rounds one witnessed Narayana Vidyalayam, Bhavans and Military School surge ahead but the Military school duo went on the buzzer too often and took a few negatives that they could not recover from. The other teams failed to sustain the momentum in the final stages.

It all finally came down to the final question of the final round like a T-20 match with DPS in the lead but Centre Point took the initiative and risk that paid off resulting in their winning the debut edition at Nagpur. Quizmaster Pickbrain also pointed out that it was Centre Point that had been consistent and scored in all the rounds and that in life ‘Invariably it is the consistent who prevail”.

The guest of honour Dr. R. K. Ingle from VNIT smiled and said “These kids look sharper than my first year Engineering students” while Mr. Chaitanya Sathe, Vice President and Head of Business Operations India West for TCS said “It is heartening to see such young talent who will be part of the Indian work force soon”.


Centre Point Katol Road

Aniruddha Morarka and Paritosh Kanhe

Runner Up:


Abhishek Ambulkar and Abubakar C