St. Kabir clinch Amd thriller


St.Kabir (Drive In New Branch) - Jalaj Maheswari and Ms.Ravija Amlani


Maharaja Agrasen Vidyalaya - Manas Gupta and Yash Goyal

The hunt for the Smart Tech Wizards brought in over 1200 youngsters from across Ahmedabad and Vadodara who battled at the state final of TCS IT Wiz. At the stroke of 11, quizmaster Pickbrain walked in to take charge and unfolded the new format based on animations that would span 20 questions in the prelim and 5 software rounds in the final.

A quick prelim, a fairly topical one at that, with shouts of ‘no clues please’ from keen quizzers who seemed well prepared for the day, led the teams into the finale.

The finalists were:

Rachana School - Aniket Sarvate and Tarun M
Anand Vidya Vihar Vadodara - Ms.Tanvi Aiyer and Ms.Vidhi Shah
Navrachana School Sama - Soham Patel and Viraj Trivedi
Bright Day School Vadodara - Devesh Sawant and Harsh Thaker
Maharaja Agrasen Vidyalaya - Manas Gupta and Yash Goyal
St.Kabir (Drive In New Branch)- Jalaj Maheswari and Ms.Ravija Amlani

The final was riveting from the word go. Pickbrain was at his best with his quick wit and amazing volley of questions as the teams battled hard on a format largely based on speed and on the theme of measuring the Tech Quotient of each team across interesting themes like ‘Cloud’, Big Data’, IOT and others. Created by Blackboard Animation, a Bangalore based education enabling company, the software was high on graphics powered by Maya that kept the children engrossed and entertained.

At the end of five rounds of quizzing the defending champions Maharaja Agrasen Vidyalaya represented by Manas Gupta and Yash Goyal and St.Kabir represented by Jalaj Maheswari and Ms.Ravija Amlani were locked in a tie for the top slot. In the tie breaker that followed, the duo from St.Kabir prevailed, getting past a very good champion team into the mega final. The quizmaster Pickbrain showered special praise on manas and Yash for being very sporting and taking the result in their stride and for congratulating St.Kabir the moment they won.

The guest of honour Prof.JN Goswami, Director of PRL, a Chandrayaan Scientist himself, spoke inspiringly and urged the smart youngsters to understand that “information is not knowledge, what to do with the information to get a great result is knowledge” he said. He further urged them “To go where opportunity beckons wherever it is on the world as we now live in one village, but create something fabulous and live the stamp of Made in India on it”. Mr.Pankaj Gupta the Head of TCS Ahmedabad advised the children to “Find passion, innovation and commitment to make a great career for yourself and to make India known better achievement in future”.


St.Kabir (Drive In New Branch)

Jalaj Maheswari and Ms.Ravija Amlani

Runner Up :

Maharaja Agrasen Vidyalaya

Manas Gupta and Yash Goyal