St.Pauls retain Blore crown


St.Paul's English School - Harikiran and Siddharth Srivatsa


Kumaran Childrens Home - Balaji M T and Aniketh J. Reddy

Over 700 teams and the stage was set for the Bangalore prelim of TCS IT Wiz. The quest to hunt for the Tech Wizards from this state, had begun. The morning rolled on with the audience hardly finding any space to sit as participation was at an all time high, this year. A fast paced prelim led to the following six teams in the final.

The finalists were:

Kumaran Childrens Home - Balaji M.T and Aniketh J. Reddy
NPS HSR Layout - Sahil Garg and Vedanth Sriram
St.Pauls English School - Harikiran and Siddharth Srivatsa
Delhi Public School East - Vritant Bhardwaj and Saket Vaibhav
NPS Indiranagar - Antony Paul Elenjical and Udit Jain
SBM Jain College - Siddharth M.S and Vishal Bothra

The finale started with teams exercising some caution early on as the questions made teams think hard and rake their minds. Early leads were established by the Kumarans, St.Pauls and NPS (I). The onset of the buzzers brought in pace and tension as the Pauls and Kumarans duo went for leather start moving forward at a brisk pace. On the other hand NPS Indiranagar gained and lost some but kept coming back often. From here St.Pauls and Kumarans kept progressing neck and neck for the next couple of rounds.

In the final rounds NPS (I) tried to make a strong come back to get within striking distance of the teams but took a few negatives that dented their effort. This resulted in Kumarans and St Pauls finishing on the same score forcing a tie breaker which the latter won. Quizmaster Pickbrain, who was at his usual best, observed that St.Pauls had won the quiz in 2012 as well but with a different team.

Mr.Nagaraj Ijari, speaking at the prize distribution remarked that "Bangalore is a benchmark now for the other cities” while Mr.N G Subramaniam of TCS appreciating the youngsters said “When the going gets tough, the tough get going". The guest of honour, reputed athlete and Arjuna Award winner Reeth Abraham, advised the children to “always be alert in the mind and to keep themselves fit even to be good quizzers”. She also pointed out from her experiences that “It is sometimes easy to be a champion, but difficult to retain that position”.


St.Paul's English School

Harikiran and Siddharth Srivatsa


Kumaran Childrens Home

Balaji M T and Aniketh J. Reddy