BVB Eroor win Kerala thriller


Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan (Eroor) - Sachin and Abhijhit Menon


Bhavans Adash Vidyalaya - Karthik and Vasudev

The Le Meridian at Cochin wore a very different look from its normal corporate conferences as the scene was abuzz with young students from all over the state. The stage – Kerala’s biggest inter-school quiz. The man in command: Pickbrain, India’s best quizmaster. The stake: A slot in the national finale of the premier quiz. A tough prelim set the stage for the following six teams that sailed through.

Bhavans Adash Vidyalaya - Karthik and Vasudev
St.Josephs HSS Paingottoor - Britto Sabu and Kevin George
Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan (Eroor) - Sachin and Abhijhit Menon
Hari Srividya Nidhi (Thrissur) - Hari Sanker P and Shyam KP
Loyola School (Trivandrum) - Hari Nair and Sachin
Bhavans Vidya Mandir Trissur - Akhilesh and Sameer

The initial rounds of the final barely showed any difference between the teams as they battled on an even footing. The brilliance of the teams was such that the questions from India’s most prolific inquiztor seemed easy. It was only as the buzzer rounds came on that some difference began to show.

As the buzzers came into play BVB with the defending champs Sachin and Abhijhit got ahead of the rest. The style very similar to what they had done a year ago. They were prepared to take the half chances and it paid off each time. As the quiz moved toward the final rounds they would have hoped to cruise into the final easily as the battle for the second spot seemed tense with three teams battling for it.

However Karthik and Vasudev had other plans as Bhavans Adarsh went for leather and cracked two back to back posers to get within one question of the leaders. They went for the final question displaying remarkable grit and got five instead of ten, else it would have forced a tie. It certainly was great relief to BVB as they went into the final again beating the same team that challenged them a year ago.

The head of TCS Cochin, Mr.Santhosh Kurup spoke about the remarkable talent of the teams and said “such event can be organized only through team work and it gives us joy at TCS to work as a team and present this quiz each year”.

The guest of honour , IT pioneer and visionary leader, Mr.Vijayaraghavan said “This quiz has gone up 7 to 8 notches from what I saw around 7 years ago at Trivandrum”


Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan (Eroor)

Sachin and Abhijhit Menon

Runner Up:

Bhavans Adash VidyalayaBhavans Adash Vidyalaya

Karthik and Vasudev