Fergusson Jr College top Pune


Fergusson Junior College - Divij Ghose and Supreet Ravish


Dr.Kalmadi Shamrao School - Dhananjay Katkar and Ayush Yembarwar

A quiz trending nationally on twitter. Close to 1200 children taking part. The rise of Gen Next. These were the highlights of the Pune edition of the quiz where brilliance was at its best and technology was being consumed effortlessly by smart young children from schools. Cut to the action and quizmaster Pickbrain started proceedings firing a volley of 20 questions to arrive at his six finalists.

Fergusson Junior College - Divij Ghose and Supreet Ravish
Bishops Co-Ed School - Saransh Sinha and Udhbav Bharadwaj
Symbiosis School - Dhaval Gujar and Kunal Gadgil
Gurukul School - Saurav Mahale and Atharva Prabhune
Dr.Kalmadi Shamrao School - Dhananjay Katkar and Ayush Yembarwar
Army Public School- Nishit Parwani and Aditya Pol

The final was a grand display of talent and technology adaptation to make learning interesting as a animation powered software created by Blackboard Animation took the children on a Harry Potter like journey, only this time uncovering knowledge nuggets along the way.

The quiz moved swiftly from one round to another and children from all schools battled well early on. The onset of the round on TCS saw the duo from Fergusson power ahead of the rest with some repeated strikes on the buzzer and followed it in the next round with very good answers to get well past the others.

The battle for the second place looked tense with Symbiosis, Army School, Gurukul and Dr.Kalmadi School neck and neck on the score line. A young team from the Dr.Kalmadi’s school reflected great maturity as they went for 5 pointers rather than 10 and kept gathering them to get ahead. It finally stood by them as they clinched the runner up title.

The guest of honour, Mr.Ignacio Vera, Chairman – Board of Directors Barclays Technology Center India, remarked that “I am astonished to see the sharpness in these children. The future of all our lives will be shaped by technology” he remarked. The host Mr.Arvind Padhye the Head of TCS was also present to give away the prizes to the champs.


Fergusson Junior College

Divij Ghose and Supreet Ravish

Runner Up:

Dr.Kalmadi Shamrao School

Dhananjay Katkar and Ayush Yembarwar