PS Senior are Chennai Kings!


PS Senior Secondary School - Abhinav.S and Arjun Aravind


SBOA Anna Nagar - Sanjay Seetharaman and Samyak Jain

“It is a very different feeling to host a quiz at the Music Academy” quipped quizmaster Pickbrain as he was preparing to get on stage at Chennai. His respect seemed not confined to the lovely venue alone but to the quality of quizzing that Chennai produces as well. Sharp questions marked the prelim that tested the teams leading to six deserving finalists.


Bala Vidya Mandir Adyar - Ms.Pooja and Vijay Aditya
P S Senior Secondary - Abhinav.S and Arjun Aravind
SBOA Anna Nagar - Sanjay Seetharaman and Samyak Jain
SRDF Vivekananda Vidyalaya - Sidhdharth and V Gautam
Hindu Sr. Secondary - Arun Syriac and Badri Mohan
PSBB Nungambakkam - Aniroodh and Rahul GS

A close battle seemed on cards as the initial rounds saw just PS Senior get to an early lead while most others were right behind in a huddle. The onset of the buzzers set the stage on fire as teams gained and lost points, especially the duo from SRDFVV who tried hard to push ahead but the tactic did not work for them.

The Bala Vidya Mandir Adyar team looked good but their reluctance to push the buzzer early would cost them dear as they missed the runner up title by a whisker on a tie breaker to SBOA, Anna Nagar who played well and managed to answer when it mattered most.

The duo from PS Senior of Abhinav and Arjun played the game with great maturity, something that not only won them the title but also drew praise from the ace quizmaster who applauded their ability to restrain themselves and not try to do anything flashy. They would now move to the national finale and represent Chennai.

The host Mr.Ravi Vishwanthan, Head of TCS Chennai and Emerging Markets also appreciated the teams for learning to play the game with clever strategies and with a dash of humour remarked “These students sure know more IT than us and if I need to configure my new phone I would rather turn to my son than try it myself”.

The guest of honour Ms.Tammy Sandhu, Deputy Head of Mission and Head of UK Trade and Investment, British Deputy High Commission, Chennai applauded the teams and gave away the prizes.


PS Senior Secondary School

Abhinav.S and Arjun Aravind

Runner Up:

SBOA Anna Nagar

Sanjay Seetharaman and Samyak Jain