Navrachana Vadodara top Gujarat


Navrachana School Sama, Vadodara : Sujay Nigam and Sachin Agarwal


DPS Bopal - Smeet Madlani and Aditya R

Close to 500 teams and the auditorium was buzzing with activity and excitement as quizmaster Pickbrain walked in to a thunderous applause from the students. After briefing them on the rules and the long list of prizes, he got down to business with his set of questions for the prelim. They were certainly benchmarked to other top cities and the students seemed to like that. The six schools that made it to the final were:

Anand Vidya Vihar Vadodara - Ms. Tanvi Aiyer and Ms. Vidhi Shah
Udgam School Taltej - Jaidev Shah and Arnav Buch
DPS Gandhinagar - Aniruddha Mysore and Shitanshu Banerjee
St. Kabir Ahmedabad - Tejas Bagrecha and Shulin Saraswat
Navrachana School Sama Vadodara - Sujay Nigam and Sachin Agarwal
DPS Bopal - Smeet Madlani and Aditya R

The final was riveting from the very first question as teams that made it to the final were well prepared and knew what to expect. They all clearly understood and anticipated what was coming up on the software, as they had mapped the quiz from the previous cities.

The scores after the first half of the quiz gave nothing away as teams looked even. The seasoned quizmaster promptly quipped, 'this quiz will be won or lost on the buzzer'. True to his words the buzzer did create a flutter and soon enough the youngest team on stage from Navrachana Vadodara (both finalists were from class 10), ran up a good lead. Only the duo from DPS Bopal came close to challenging them but that too was short-lived as the Navrachana boys just went from strength to strength and made it to the national final.

DPS Bopal got the better of the others to finish runner up. The girls from Anand Vidya Vihar got a special mention from Pickbrain for making it to the final three years in a row. The city clocked closed to 6000 tweets from the auditorium as the quiz progressed.

The guest of honour Prof.Parimal Vyas, the Acting Vice-Chancellor and Pro Vice-Chancellor, MSU Baroda aptly explained that in the modern world,many have capabilities that are similar, but what makes a winner is the 'Energy and Enthusiasm' one brings to the table. Mr.Hasit Kaji, the Head of TCS Gujarat,appreciated the growth of the quiz beyond the city to all major locations of the state and envisioned the quiz to soon be a state wide phenomenon.


Navrachana School Sama, Vadodara

Sujay Nigam and Sachin Agarwal

Runner Up :

DPS Bopal

Smeet Madlani and Aditya R