St. Jude's Kotagiri win Kovai thriller


St. Jude's Kotagiri - JK Faizan and Ms. Sudharsana


GKD Matric - SharatChandar and Hari Krishna

Enthusiasm and excitement were in abundance as close to 1000 students converged at Coimbatore from Coonoor, Ooty, Mettuplayam, Salem, Tirupur and other neighbouring cities for their city edition of TCS IT Wiz. As quizmaster Pickbrain started proceedings, the excitement and enthusiasm only went higher as they cracked his posers. The prelim led to the selection of six schools that made it to the final:

VidhyaNiketan (Vilankurichi) - Aathitya and Jitendran
Suguna PIPS - Aditya K H and Pavishnu
GKD Matric - Sharat Chandar and Hari Krishna
VidhyaNiketan (Puliakulum) - Shriram and Avnish
Amrita Vidyalayam - Ajay and Venkat Subramanian
St. Jude's Kotagiri - JK Faizan and Ms. Sudharsana

The finale started with Suguna PIPS scoring early along with GKD Matric but soon enough the duo from St. Jude's also drew parity. The first couple rounds moved fast and with the onset of the buzzers, the team from GKD tried to push the throttle but were found wanting on two occasions.

In the meantime the St. Jude's team moved ahead and seemed like running away with the quiz but the round that followed was a thriller. It was clearly the toughest of rounds involving lateral thinking and the boys from GKD went for round backing themselves with a lot of guts. They cracked four questions in a row and the entire audience was stunned to silence as the scoreboard showed them ahead of St. Jude's.

In the final round, however, a calm and focussed Jude's team cracked the first two questions to clinch the title and make it to the nationals. The quick witted quizmaster described the GKD boys as the best team of the afternoon and went on to say, sometimes you find a team that is better than the best and this time around it was St. Jude’s which managed to do it.

The guest of honour Mr. Kritivasan, President, Banking and Financial Services, graced the occasion and gave away the prizes to the top teams.


St. Jude's Kotagiri

JK Faizan and Ms. Sudharsana

Runner Up:

GKD Matric

SharatChandar and Hari Krishna