Rukmini Devi win Delhi in style


Rukmini Devi Public School - Udit Kalra and Saarthak S


Modern School: Ayan Marwaha and Paavas Bhasin

"This is like a national final before the national final" thundered quizmaster Pickbrain as he made his initial comments about the high calibre of a Delhi final, each year. The quiz this year featured several teams that took part for the first time reflecting on the growing interest and popularity of the quiz.

The prelim was a trifle easier than the past years perhaps factoring the new teams in the fray. The six schools that made it to the final were:

Rukmini Devi Public School - Udit Kalra and Saarthak S
Ryan International School - Sahil Srivastava and Vibhor Mittal
DPS Noida - Aayush Patni and Arijit Gupta
Mount Abu Public School - Devansh Mehra and Vaibhav
Modern School - Ayan Marwaha and Paavas Bhasin
DPS Rohini - Sayan Chaudhry and Vanshraj Vohra

The final was powered by an animation based software created by Blackboard Animations, a Bangalore based company that made the quiz very entertaining and energetic. The teams in the final lived up to the expectations of the quizmaster as they produced amazing answers to seemingly difficult posers.

In the early rounds, the team from Rukmini Devi took quick strides to get into the lead. They were followed by DPS Rohini, Modern School and Ryan International. The game was tight and close for the first couple of rounds. As the buzzers were deployed the Rukmini Devi duo moved from strength to strength and started dominating the finale.

It was soon evident they would win the title and the focus shifted to the runner up. DPS Rohini and Modern School battled to the very end, the latter prevailing with better strikes towards the end.

The guest of honour, Debashis Ghosh, President and Head Northern Operations, TCS said "I think these students are well poised for a bright future". He further advised them to "use time and technology judiciously and where necessary to be successful".


Rukmini Devi Public School

Udit Kalra and Saarthak S

Runner Up:

Modern School

Ayan Marwaha and Paavas Bhasin