P Jog Jr. College retain Pune


P Jog Jr. College - Ayush Y and Dhananjay Katkar


SES Gurukul School - Atharva Joshi and Pranav Kirsur

Close to 1000 students from schools across Pune, gathered at the city edition of TCS IT Wiz, the annual tech quiz from TCS which attracts huge crowds and top school quizzing teams. The prizes being attractive and the pride of winning this quiz even greater, teams were keen to outwit each other with their answers in the prelim.

The quiz got underway as Pickbrain walked in to a thunderous applause and several schools were taking part in the quiz for the first time. The six schools that made it to the final were:

Podar Intl. School - Mandaar Manoj Rao and Siddharth Apte
SES Gurukul School - Atharva Joshi and Pranav Kirsur
St. Mary's School - Ms. Saee Kulkarni and Ms. Ananya Venbakkam
Dr. Kalmadi High School - Ms. Ananya Angadi and Ritesh Patil
P Jog Jr. College - Ayush Y and Dhananjay Katkar
Dr. Kalmadi Jr. College - Aaditya Yawalkar and Harsh Pardeshi

The final was a very close contest with teams from Kalmadi school and Jr. College along with Jog Jr. College doing well in the early phases of the quiz. As the quiz progressed the teams from Podar and SES Gurukul also moved ahead making it an extremely absorbing battle.

In the final stages of the quiz, Jog Jr. College dominated the quiz and got themselves into an unbeatable position and retained the title they had won a year ago. The quiz ended with SES Gurukul and Kalmadi School ending on the same score to force a tie breaker for the second place. The former won the same after multiple questions went unanswered by them.

The guest of honour Dr. Balachandra Chaudhari, a well-known academician from Pune, appreciated the teams and said it feels nice to see his 'future students' and was confident 'our dream of today would be fulfilled by them' given their talent.


P Jog Jr. College

Ayush Y and Dhananjay Katkar

Runner Up:

SES Gurukul School

Atharva Joshi and Pranav Kirsur