KV, Puducherry conquer Chennai


KV Puducherry : Jayakrishnan and Gokul Rajan


Maharishi Vidyamandir : Pranav Hari and Hari M

With over 700 teams taking part, it was the biggest city so far for TCS IT Wiz. It was also a city that does well in quizzing and takes the sport seriously.

It came as no surprise therefore, when Quizmaster Pickbrain started the morning with a fairly tough prelim that tested the teams. The six schools that made it were:

PSBB (Nungambakkam) : Tarun Prasad and Bala Aditya
Maharishi Vidyamandir : Pranav Hari and Hari M
Kendriya Vidyalaya (KV) Puducherry : Jayakrishnan and Gokul Rajan
DAV Gopalapuram : Mahilan and Nishvakk
NPS : Aswin and Naveen
TI School Ambattur : Govindram and Sooraj Subramaniam

The final saw the seasoned duo from Maharishi Vidyamandir get off to a good start. The former established a quick lead too. It was only mid-way through the quiz that the team from KV gained momentum with a few successive hits on the buzzer.

This prompted the Vidyamandir boys to take one or two chances that did not pay off and that put KV in the lead. The battle continued till the final question where the KV boys while still being in the lead took the risk and won the quiz.

The TCS Chennai head of operations Mr. Suresh advised the youngsters to develop digital inclination irrespective of the career path they chose. Mr. Anantakrishnan the CTO of TCS spoke on the importance of knowledge and how quizzing has helped him grow in his career.

The guest of honour was Consul General Phillip A. Min of U. S. Consulate General Chennai. He described the quiz as “inspiring” in the way students display their knowledge and acumen about IT.


KV Puducherry

Jayakrishnan and Gokul Rajan

Runner Up:

Maharishi Vidyamandir

Pranav Hari and Hari M