Navy Children sail from Kochi


Navy Children School: Nandu Krishnan and Arjun Sunil


Bhavans Vidyamandir: Anand and Krishna Rajmohan

Over 1100 children at the splendid Convention Centre at Kochi was a treat to watch even before the quiz got underway. Quizmaster Pickbrain zipped through the rules and appreciated TCS for not letting go of Kochi as a city for the national event but making every effort to postpone and accommodate the city after the floods in the earlier month. The prelim of 20 questions was on a tougher plane here. The following teams made it to the final.

Gregorian Public School: : Raveendranath and Abhiram
Navy Children School : Nandu Krishnan and Arjun Sunil
Chinmaya Vidyalaya : Adithya Krishnan and Abhimanyu Rajeev
GKD Matric, Coimbatore: Abhinav and Karthik Raju
Saraswathi Vidyaniketan: Pratyush P and Dhananjay
Bhavans Vidyamandir : Anand and Krishna Rajmohan

The final witnessed all teams battling hard to get ahead of the other. The questions sure challenged the teams and even made them think deep before they could decide to punch the buzzer.

The middle stages of the quiz witnessed a burst of good hits come in from the Navy School which took them into the lead. The others did well to try and catch up leaving the battle wide open into the final stage. As the quiz moved into the last rounds the Navy boys scored again and knew they had enough to play out the final. The rest did try to catch up but in vain.

The Bhavans duo who were in the second spot were careful not to take negatives, while the Chinmaya team tried courageously to bounce back but could not. In the end, Bhavans held their score to finish behind the Navy boys.

The guest of honour was the well-known IAS officer, Mr. Hanish the Head of Kochi Metro who spoke of how in the modern world every aspect of our body is influenced by some knowledge and therefore it is so important to stay in tune. He was accompanied by the Vice President and Head of TCS Kochi, Mr. Dinesh Thampi who appreciated the teams for their agility also reflected on how the quiz mirrored the TCS 4.0 framework.


Navy Children School

Nandu Krishnan and Arjun Sunil

Runner Up:

Bhavans Vidyamandir

Anand and Krishna Rajmohan