Loyola Jamshedpur triumph at Kolkata


Loyola School Jamshedpur: Ambarish Jha and Shobhit Mahato


South City Int. School, Kolkata: Aritra Kar and Writ Karmakar

Over 800 children braved the rains and turned up in large numbers at a city that loves its quizzing. It meant the air of anticipation was high even quizmaster Pickbrain walked into the auditorium. From selfies to last minute scanning of quiz notes to important tips from teachers it was all a delight for one to watch. The prelim started with some tough questions, but teams kept shouting “block, block”, indicating they did not want the host to give clues. The finalists were:

Lakshmipat Singhania, Kolkata: Varun.K and Prathan.J
DPS Ruby Park, Kolkata : Vedant Sharma and Ankan G
DAV Model School, Durgapur : Raunak and Arunava.S
Loyola School, Jamshedpur : Ambarish Jha and Shobhit Mahato
DPS Rajarhat, Kolkata : Suprit Behera and Budhaditya
South City Int. School, Kolkata : Aritra Kar and Writ Karmakar

The final witnessed teams from Durgapur and Jamshedpur make it along with the schools from Kolkata, while a school from Siliguri finishes seventh and got a special mention from the quizmaster. Loyola from Jamshedpur get off the blocks quickly, but it was South City that got into a lead early on. In the latter stages, DAV too did well but could not get past South City or Loyola who by now had got into the lead with some good answers.

While the South City duo knew a lot of answers they did not back themselves on the buzzer as Loyola took their chances and put up a score that was beyond all the rest to win a memorable quiz.

The guest of honour Dr. Sourav Pal, Director, IISER, aptly observed “As a nation, we have been large consumers of technology, it is time we become the creators of it. I see the talent and capability in you youngsters to do that”. Mr. Suresh Menon, the Vice President and Head of Eastern Operations, appreciated the teams on a lovely performance and the schools which had travelled from across the Eastern region to be part of the quiz.


Loyola School, Jamshedpur

Ambarish Jha and Shobhit Mahato

Runner Up:

South City Int. School,Kolkata

Aritra Kar and Writ Karmakar