DPS Noida retain Delhi crown


DPS, Noidal: Pranava Dhar and Chirag Bhansali RUNNER UP: Sunbeam School: Swapnil and Sujit Ray

Runner Up

Sunbeam School: Swapnil and Sujit Ray

The Delhi edition of TCS IT Wiz saw over 500 teams taking part from not just Delhi but places like Meerut, Lucknow, Dehradun and Varanasi as well. Quizmaster Pickbrain lined up a difficult set of questions for the national capital. Yet he found students screaming "No clues" as he went about in a very business-like manner with a crisp prelim.


Airforce Golden Jubilee Institue :

Priyanshu Dhariwal and V. Sayiram

Sunbeam School, Varanasi :

Swapnil Singh and Sujit Ray

Seth M.R.Jaipuria, Lucknow :

Jeevesh Saxena Karthikeya Tiwari

DPS, Noida:

Pranava Dhar and Chirag Bhansali

Sri Venkateshwar International School :

Aarush Agarwal and Vidit Khandelwal

Amity International School:

Saumik and Anrav Praneet

The final of the quiz was extremely fast-paced and tense with all teams buzzing at a brisk pace. The teams from Lucknow and Varanasi got off the early starts and established quick leads. It was only in the round on TCS that the eventual champions from Delhi Public School started to gain control as they maxed the round, cracking all the questions.

From there on DPS were in control of the final registering yet another win at Delhi. Sunbeam school from Varanasi rallied on a tiebreaker towards the end to finish a very credible runner-up.

Dr. Ashok Kumar Ganguly the deputy director for strategy and planning IIT Delhi was the chief guest. He advised the children to be prepared for a brilliant future that awaits them and to be passionate about what they do and excel in it rather than pursues money.


DPS, Noidal:

Pranava Dhar and Chirag Bhansali

Runner Up :

Sunbeam School:

Swapnil and Sujit Ray