#TCSITWiz Best Tweets

#TCSITWiz Best Tweets(2018)

  • Name: VLB Raj, Handle: @RajVlb 
    "Being a nerd is not being weak, Liking tech isn't being a freak, Yes we're obsessed, and yes I'm a geek, But on the bright side, a final round in #TCSITWiz we seek

  • Name: Karthikay Agrawal, Handle: @AgrawalK2 
    "Technology, like art, is a soaring exercise of the human imagination" and TCS IT Wiz is the canvas for this...

  • Name: Amitvikram Dwivedi, Handle: @amitbatflarrow  
    @TCSBeing A geek is a great thing. I think we're all geeks. Being a geek means you're passionate about something and that defines your uniqueness. I would rather be passionate about something than be apathetic about everything.

  • Name: Sunil Kumar, Handle: @SunilKu28470884 
    "Teacher: Combine these words technology, intelligence, Search of talents, Discovering heroes.. Student: It's definitely #TCSITWiz

  • Name: Mrityunjay gupta, Handle: @Mrityunjay0305  
    Absorbing the mind light... Differentiating the emotional spectrum ......picking out the knowledge colour .....integrating various types of them and then dispensing it to various young minds ....... this is the wizardry of TCS IT WIZ!!!!!!"

  • Name: Debajyoti Manna, Handle: @DebajyotiManna4  
    #TCSITWiz : Jonathan Swift once said "No wise man ever wished to be younger" but here, at the TCS IT Wiz, it seems that we've seen the future, and it's a quintillion seconds closer and a quintillion times brighter!!!"

  •  Name: Kshitijt, Handle: @KTWOLF2 
    #TCSITWiz Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. Thanks to TCS for being the pathway.

  • Name: Dhrutikant Pani, Handle: @DhrutikantP 
    #TCSITWiz “Come on to play the quiz. Let your brain be squeezed. To take your knowledge out. Let your Memory sprout Take a prize and go out" 

  • Name: Prathamesh Jadhav, Handle: @PrathameshLJadh 
    Hundreds of participants, few will be selected, and only one will be the winner! But, still I won't lose my hope. I will put the engine of my brain on the maximum speed and try to crack those questions!

  • Name: Soumya Ghosh Moharer, Handle: @Soumya_gm_ 
    "Teases our grey cells, Compels us to think out of the box, Stirs a feeling of excitement, Instills lateral thinking, Teaches us the fundamentals of life, Widens our horizon, inspires us to become global netizens, zaps our mind with sudden brainwaves"

  • Name: Adithya, Handle: @Adithya5026 
    "@TCSITWiz has enabled me to see the world in a different perspective. It has inculcated the essence of solidarity, commitment and passion which is essential for a budding student .It has truly inspired me to enjoy every aspect of life! Thank you TCS for this experience #TCSITWiz
  •  Name: Ishan, Handle: @Ishan43211 
    "With today’s excitement and joy we all CHEERS, Nerds are here with their brains and GEARS, The thrills and learning gives us smiles and TEARS, Congratulations to TCS for their successful 50 YEARS.

#TCSITWiz Best Tweets(2017)

  • #TCSITWiz Tcs it wiz without @Pickbrain is like pizza without cheese, a geek without braces and a sentence without spaces! - Mumbai 

  • With every breath I'm inhaling a few particles of knowledge here. Thank you TCS for providing us with such awesome air! @TCSITWiz #TCSITWiz - Delhi 

  • If these tweets could make music like a musical typewriter, thn we would hear a symphony , here at Kochi and with #TCSITWiz as the maestro - Kochi

  • At the end of #TCSITWiz one team will be the winnesr, one team will be the runner ups.But all of us will be Learners.Thank you. - Pune 

  • @TCSITWiz if Shakespeare wud hav known bout #TCSITWiz - What's in D name? Dat which we call #TCSITWiz by any other name wud be as innovative. - Bhubaneswar 

  • If twitter were to plant one tree for every ten tweets with #TCSITWiz @TCSITWiz , we'd be living in a jungle by now. - Nagpur

  • TCS IT Wiz is the best way in which one can make his brain a treasure of knowledge and inspiration to stand at stage of triumph. - Indore 

  • Want to see some quality quizzing? Come to Kalamandir and witness the best quiz show ever! @TCSITWiz - Kolkata

  • @TCSITWiz #tcsitwiz If there was any machine for sensing the amount of the knowledge in a room..... It would get damaged in this auditorium - Hyderabad

  • #tcsitwiz @tcsitwiz #USAINBOLT lost his record in Olympics But TCSITWiz never lost the title of the best quiz in India since 1999 !! - Chennai

  • If there were tickets for TCS, the box office would be a stamped and the auditorium would be a battleground #TCSITWiz @TCSITWiz - Bangalore

  • @TCSITWiz Here is the place where you experience and make yourself greater! #TCSITWiz - Ahmedabad 

#TCSITWiz Best Tweets(2016) 

  • If TCS IT Wiz were a person, it would definitely be on the Time’s magazine front page. 

  • Any combination of the 26 alphabets cannot describe the quality of #TCSITWiz its just beyond ones thinking. 

  • Twitter asked me,"what’s happening?",I said “you would have known if you were @TCSITWiz " 

  • You know that feeling when there are so many people who look like they might crush you with their knowledge? No? Well, I do now #TCSITWiz  

  • “Knowledge is if no value unless we put it in practice” and that practice is provided by @TCSITWiz 

  • India is the land of festivals… And TCSITWiz is the most awaited one.

  • The biggest classroom in the whole of kerala or perhaps india, Imparting knowledge to hundreds of students for generation TCSITWiz 

  • TCSITWiz is continuing the legacy which started by Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam “Inspiring Young Minds”  
    Steve Jobs once said “ We don’t stop Innovating” I Wish I Witnessed it. TCS makes my wish come true.Every Year. 

  • If Forbes made a list of ‘Most Influential Quizzes’. We all know that @TCSITWiz will be on top.

  • If facebook is essential for social networking then TCS is important for India’s Youth and tech.

  • What if you today were stranded on a island and you found a PC with google fiber? Contact home or TCSITWiz  

  • If the world of Harry Potter was filled with technology, the Triwizard Tournament will be TCSITWiz! 

  • If there was a competition for QUIZZING in the Olympics ,then India will surely win gold. 

  • Following Olympics at Rio? The real Olympaid is here! 

  • Everything seems to scream #TCSITWiz today. Just saw a bus going to ‘Giri Nagar’.  

  • You know it’s TCS IT quiz when people tweet instead of finding pokemon!