About TCS IT Wiz

TCS IT Wiz, a 'knowledge Initiative' started in 1999, is the biggest inter-school IT Quiz in India for students of class 8-12. The quiz aims to build awareness and emphasize the importance of IT skills, enabling students to look at technology from a holistic perspective.

The quiz platform works as an effective supplement to the computer science and IT eld. As most of the questions researched for the quiz are beyond the academic areas, this compels the students to look beyond the textbooks.

As a pioneer in the field of IT quizzing, TCS IT Wiz has brought a paradigm shift in the world of quizzing with a mix of intelligent and interesting questions and introduced new technology concepts such as software-based rounds, gamification and animation.

Today, TCS IT Wiz has become a national benchmark in the inter-school quizzing circuit for the level of research, the intensity with which teams compete and the sheer participation it draws. The quiz has received immense patronage among the student community, teachers, parents and educational institutions and has become a part of the agenda for schools across the country.

Entry & Eligibility

There is NO entry or registration fee.

Students from class 8 to 12 are eligible to participate.

Subject / Focus Area

Applications of Information Technology across various industries and sectors including technology environment, the business, people, new trends and legends.

Emerging areas such as cloud computing, AI, automation, biometrics, robotics, world of Internet, unique web sites, IT buzzwords and acronyms.

Areas where IT has made an impact – web, education, entertainment, books, music, movies, banking, advertising, sports, gaming, social media and world of mobiles.

IT Personalities - Global, national and local, brands of IT and communication companies, software products and brands, the history of IT as well as its humorous side of Information Technology.

An exclusive round on TCS @50 capturing 5 decades of excellence

The Journey so far


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Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Bhubaneswar, Chennai, Delhi,   Hyderabad, Indore, Kolkata, Kochi, Mumbai, Nagpur and Pune


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