N Chandrasekaran
Chairman, Tata Consultancy Services
Former CEO & MD, Tata Consultancy Services
"It was mind-boggling sitting in the audience. It was indeed enlivening for us all to see an excellent display of tech talent and knowledge from these finalists. Thrilled to witness high levels of intellect' from the youngsters both on stage and in the audience."
Kiran Karnik
Former President, NASSCOM
"Children are the future of the  country. India has emerged as a stalwart in the IT industry and the next generations will have to take it miles ahead."
Peter Beckingham
British Deputy High Commissioner, Mumbai
"The equating of a quiz of this caliber to the Wimbledon which is an iconic. More>>http://blogs.fco.gov.uk/peterbeckingham/ 2012/11/09/weekend-in-mumbai-part-2-soccer-skills-and-info-tech-wizards/"
Chairman Mission IT
"I have been living in Trivandrum for the last 30 years. But I have not witnessed such a great event."
Kris Srikkanth,
Former Indian Cricketer
"I thought a one day match was the only exciting thing for kids till I came here"
S. Ramadorai,
Former Vice-Chairman, Tata Consultancy Services
"Learning is not just about finishing school or college and it’s certainly not limited only to the classroom and lectures."
Late Shri Devang Mehta
"I am delighted to see how TCS and the quizmaster have created such a wonderful convergence of quiz and technology"
Muzzafar Ali,
"I urge the youngsters to stay back in  India and contribute to the  nation rather than go abroad and make other nations profit  from our  intellect."
Ms.Gita Piramal
Business Historian and Best Selling Author
"Business Maharajas"
"Hundreds of young eager faces, cunning plan ning, quick wits, tense drama: I was certainly not expecting so much from an IT quiz show. It’s truly commendable that TCS is sponsoring such events across the country and encouraging young boys and girls to be the best they can be. Thank you so much for allowing me to witness this emotionally charged event."
Narain Karthikeyan,
The Fastest Indian!
"Both racing & quizzing requires mental alertness; however these people are much smarter and quicker. "