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Energy companies face multiple challenges including supply disruptions, energy prices, and regulatory requirements as they focus on becoming more resilient and sustainable. Cross-domain communication and coordination is critical to addressing these challenges as well as quickly responding to unplanned downtime, decarbonization initiatives and consumer behavior.

Agility is key for energy providers to achieve operational sustainability, resilience and competitiveness effectively and proactively.

TCS Solution

 that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and analytics to help companies achieve sustainable, resilient, and agile energy operations.

IUX connects entire business ecosystems through cognitive operations that span devices, departments, people, systems, and processes to produce comprehensive, actionable data-driven insights and recommendations.

Additionally, contextual decision intelligence helps optimize asset maintenance schedules, manage emission controls, avoid safety incidents, detect anomalies proactively,  and comply with Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) actions.

The software comes pre-built with the Energy & Resources industry decision models and scenario simulation capabilities.


  • Reduce unscheduled operation downtime
  • Improve operational resilience
  • Enable remote inspection and predictive asset maintenance
  • Reduce carbon footprint


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