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A comprehensive testing strategy for next-gen self-service IVR systems

With increasing dependence on bank contact centers in the post-pandemic era, IVR systems have come under pressure, often resulting in dissatisfaction and poor customer experience. The evolution of technology in banking and digitalization has necessitated IVR systems in bank contact centers to be equipped with the requisite capabilities. An effective and robust IVR test strategy with 360-degree coverage has thus emerged as a critical need in the financial services industry.

  • Load test: Tracks performance metrics and ensures CPU and memory consumption remain within range
  • Stress and spike test: Ensures the ability to handle high call volumes
  • Functionality test: Confirms whether the IVR system has the required capabilities
  • Database access and update test: Ensures correct data retrieval and storage
  • Interrupted communication and soak test: Verifies system stability and recovery
  • Overall customer experience test: Tests the experience delivered in real-time

Abhirami Murthi
Solution Architect, Technology Advisory Group, BFSI, TCS