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Jardine’s journey.

Many of the smartest cars seen on the streets of the UK were sold to their proud owners by the Jardine Motors Group (JMG). Operating across the country at over 43 locations, the company’s 2,700 employees sell premium badged cars by Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, Land Rover and BMW. JMG also caters for customers in the prestige sector, with dealerships selling supercars from Porsche, McLaren, Aston Martin and Ferrari.

The company’s network of dealerships grew over a number of years through various acquisitions as the business scaled, absorbing competitors along the way. This left JMG with disparate financial operations and processes, that were inconsistent and inefficient.  

“We had four regional accounting centres, which were really in place as a result of acquisitions that had been done over the course of many years,” says JMG Finance Director David Muir. “They were quite traditional, lots of manual processes, inconsistencies across the four centres, and we had become quite poor at adopting new technologies and responding to the innovations in the finance and accounting space.”

Accelerating innovation in the auto industry

The leadership team at JMG knew they would need a trusted partner to ensure a successful modernization of the finance function. They chose TCS in recognition of our deep contextual knowledge of the automotive retail sector and proven ability in transforming outdated financial systems. 

“There were two real aims of the finance transformation,” says David Muir. “The first related to the transactional activities. We really wanted to centralize, standardize and automate these using technology to ensure we had really accurate and efficient processing. The second aim was to ensure we had a group of highly professional, competent finance professionals that could support the operations of the business in delivering their commercial objectives.”

To meet JMG’s objective of becoming a digital-first automotive retailer, TCS designed, developed, and implemented the “JMG Datahub” platform. The system operates on a Microsoft Azure Data Lake and delivers the first-ever “single source of truth” for all of JMG’s data. This enables the leadership to develop insight-driven business strategies. The transformation has also standardised financial processes, removed manual inputs and deployed bots to speed up transactions. 

“The solutions we brought to JMG are primarily focused on how to make them more agile,” says Shekar Krishnan, Head of Retail Business at TCS UK and Ireland. “We looked at it from an outside-in perspective. We rationalised duplicated processes and redundant manual functions. Once we had done that, we were able to automate significantly. The automation brought exponential value because, number one, there are no errors, and secondly, it made things much faster.”







“The relationship with TCS and the investments we’ve made in technology have been essential in enabling us to modernise our core operation and how we deliver our finance function”

- David Muir, Finance Director, JMG.





Creating value from partnership 

JMG and TCS used a ‘one team approach’ to deliver the finance transformation.  For David Muir, the positive effects of the partnership are clear to see.

“The relationship with TCS and the investments we've made in technology have been essential in enabling us to modernize our core operation and how we deliver our finance function,” he says. “We've already started to see the benefits of finance transformation. From my perspective, having that instant line of sight into our activities and understanding day to day how we're performing in terms of our KPIs has been transformative.”