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The JavaScript framework is designed for compositional assessment and comparison of biological networks using Venn-integrated network diagrams. The tool also enables connection to Cytoscape, a desktop-based Venn diagram app, using the Netsets-Cyapp.

By Sunil Nagpal, Kuntal Bhusan, Sharmila Mande
Conference name- Bioinformatics

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Researchers often use individual lists of edges and nodes to compare composition of biological networks using existing Venn diagram tools. For this, specialized analysis workflows are required to compare nodes and edges, and then visualizing the common or exclusive sections of the network. We present a JavaScript framework called NetSets.js that integrates popular Venn and network diagrams in a single application. It is specifically designed to perform both compositional comparisons—for identifying common/exclusive edges or nodes—and interactive user defined network visualizations using simple edge-lists. The framework also enables connection to Cytoscape, a desktop-based Venn diagram application, using the Netsets-Cyapp. The utility of this tool is demonstrated using real world biological networks–microbiome, gene interaction, multiplex and protein–protein interaction networks.



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