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Jurassic Fibre Launches Ultrafast Broadband

Accelerating time-to-market with TCS HOBS subscription management platform

Jurassic Fibre Limited
Telecom CMI


JFL wanted to accelerate time to market and increase its subscriber share

Jurassic Fibre Limited, (JFL) a UK-based greenfield broadband service provider launches ultrafast broadband in the Southwest of England, where demand for faster, more reliable broadband is high. TCS supported JFL with the HOBS subscription management platform to enable fully automated service fulfillment, service assurance and billing processes. In addition, the rollout had to meet the evolving requirements of a multi-vendor network with various integrations and dependencies



TCS HOBS subscription management platform accelerates JFL’s launch in South West England

The TCS HOBS solution served as the core OSS/BSS engine for JFL’s rollout of ultrafast broadband in Southwest England. The communications service provider’s requirement for quick onboarding of customers, led to TCS HOBS, a TMF-certified, ready-to-use, telecom-centric, subscription management platform, being chosen for implementation. TCS’ integration experience with payment gateways, financial accounting and network activation systems helped JFL to configure a fully automated service fulfillment, service assurance and billing process. The TCS HOBS architecture, with APIs exposed to third parties such as mobile apps, also helped JFL to integrate with multiple vendors by creating flexible processes suited to manual, tactical, and fully automated processes.

“TCS’ HOBS meets our need for an end-to-end OSS/BSS platform,” Michael Maltby, CEO, Jurassic Fibre Ltd


Ready-to-use subscription management platform automates service fulfilment for JFL

TCS HOBS’ proven next-gen telecom subscription platform with configurable processes and integrations, backed by agile delivery methodology was instrumental in achieving quick time-to-market for JFL.




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