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The Challenge

and allows enterprises to quickly search and retrieve relevant information using ML and NLP, aiding in effective content management. The solution also provides collaboration features to enhance employee productivity and deliver improved customer experience.

Poor knowledge management systems in organizations lead to inconsistent processes in creating/managing knowledge articles and inefficient ways to search and retrieve relevant information. The inability to access the right information at the right time makes the process of handling customer queries time-consuming, leading to dissatisfied employees and a negative customer experience, further increasing the operational cost for businesses and adding significantly to the non-productive hours of employees.

TCS Solution

TCS provides an end-to-end knowledge management solution that consolidates enterprise knowledge and makes it available to relevant stakeholders. The solution uses superior information management, strong control measures, and ease of use communication features to provide the following:

  • Introduce new knowledge with in-built workflow capability to streamline changes associated with knowledge management
  • Leverage NLP/ML-based search capability to customize the search based on employee expertise
  • Create content with multiple stakeholders with a template-driven model that uses worklists
  • Supports push, pull, bulk upload, and e-mail notification services
  • Drive the knowledge management through domain-specific meta data
  • Leverage and customize 30+ reports associated with knowledge and user activities
  • Manage multiple groups of user access and entitlements through active directory and identity management integration


  • Improved customer experience by 15% with first contact resolution and quicker servicing times recovery
  • Tracks compliance guidelines and governs quality through business-specific dashboards
  • Improved average handling time by 40% for greater employee empowerment
  • Reduced operational costs through optimization of handling time and change control procedures
  • Faster time to market with 6 to 8 weeks roll out and initial adoption


  • Proven expertise across domains, customer segments, and geographies
  • Contextual knowledge of the customer environment for the right return on investment
  • Global leadership in digital technologies that re-imagines business processes via digital and operational interventions
  • Strategic partnerships for faster value identification and realization

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