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Big data is transforming industries and bringing in a new sense of urgency for the life sciences domain. Companies in the life sciences space are dealing with a huge influx of data and are trying to comprehend and leverage it appropriately. How can businesses overcome this challenge and accelerate digital transformation? 


TCS Solution

Smart Lab solution is an enterprise approach for connecting systems, ensuring data integrity, and enhancing lab support. It helps the team of scientists and lab technicians to fully utilize the data generated in the laboratory in conjunction with the experimental and contextual data. Smart Lab is designed to address the key challenges of silos and aims to have different modules or lab admin, lab users, and scientists.

The solution is recommended to increase the productivity of lab users by making the collective data available from different sources, on a near-real time basis. TCS’ Smart Lab automates access, management, and traceability of lab Instruments and lab data to improve laboratory productivity and ensure data integrity.




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