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TCS harnesses the core competencies of its IT workforce by supporting numerous STEM initiatives, such as our programs goIT, Million Women Mentors, and Ignite My Future in School. We are leading the change through several cross-sector efforts with partners, customers, and industry peers to inspire children – many from ethnic minorities, marginalized groups, and low-income families – toward STEM education and careers.

goIT is TCS’ flagship community engagement program that increases interest in STEM and computer science through design thinking, mobile app development, and mentorship from TCS employee volunteers. goIT offers a free and flexible program for schools, non-profits, and other youth-serving institutions to help engage students in computational thinking. Students work in teams to identify problems, generate possible solutions, wireframe their prototypes, develop and test their mobile apps, and present their work to peers and judges. Since its inception in 2009, goIT has reached 13,000 students in 54 cities across North America.

In 2014, TCS became the first organization to partner with the Toronto District School Board in Canada to integrate goIT into the curriculum. TCS has now reached more than 5,000 Canadian students through its many partnerships with STEM organizations, expanded goIT to 18 Canadian cities, and partnered with the federal government to deliver the very first goIT program to Canada’s indigenous community.

TCS is also a founding member of Million Women Mentors (MWM), a movement that aims to improve women and girls’ career choices and path to advancement. TCS provides pro-bono services to develop the MWM technology platform and capture pledges, provide mentoring opportunity maps by zip code, connect mentors to organizations serving mentees, and track progress. We also recently created a new, mobile-friendly MWM web portal. The program exceeded its original goal of one million mentors, and has almost two million pledges now.

In 2017, TCS launched Ignite My Future in School in partnership with Discovery Education to prepare more than 1 million US students for 21st century careers. This first-of-its-kind initiative seeks to help transform the US education system by embedding computational thinking and problem solving into core school subjects such as math, English, social studies, and the arts. The program will engage and empower more than 20,000 teachers with the digital tools, instructional resources, and in-market support to confidently teach today’s youth. 


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