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At TCS, we believe there is a leader in each one of us. ‘Lead from within’ represents the commitment to groom and nurture leaders from within the company, encouraging growth and enabling each individual to progress forward. It brings our commitment to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion to life through visibility, mobility, and access. It is an integral part of our strategy, which ensures the integration and growth of historically underrepresented groups across all levels of the organization, and throughout our operating ecosystem.

We enable people to nurture their passions and fulfil their ambitions, filling over 90% of leadership positions through internal elevation. We empower each individual with access to the right opportunities, leadership and mentorship programs, and pathways of progression to create, contribute, change, innovate, learn, and lead—all toward our collective purpose of building greater futures.



Our Pathfinders

Pathfinders are leaders who define their own destiny, bold enough to choose unconventional progression paths, pursue their ambitions, challenge themselves, bust stereotypes, look for opportunities to learn, and relentlessly drive progress for themselves, for their teams, and for the larger ecosystem.



Pathfinder Chandrika Shrinivasan: Shattering Ceilings to Redefine Success

Glass ceilings cannot contain the aspirations of those who are determined to succeed. Pathfinder Chandrika Shrinivasan, the Business Unit Head for the Platforms Unit at TCS, believes in aiming for the skies, confident in the knowledge that once you set your mind on achieving something and follow it through with strength and conviction to overcome barriers and self-doubt, success is sure to be yours. An inspiration to many and a forward-looking leader, here’s her story.

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Pathfinder Santiago Priario: Leading with Belief

Bringing technology to people to improve their quality of life is the vision that drives Pathfinder Santiago PriarioHis pursuit to make this a reality has taken him halfway across the world, across three continents. From attending his Initial Learning Program (designed for new employees at TCS) in Trivandrum to working on digital transformation projects in Latin America to taking over as the Country Head of Italy, Santiago believes that it is the flexible who don’t get bent out of shape. He also believes that sometimes, the opportunities that are going to knock on your door are not the ones that you might have expected. But being flexible and letting the opportunities take you places is a great way of moving forward. Watch Santiago’s empowering story unfold here. 

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Pathfinder Ke Ping: Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

Having always been curious to learn and achieve more, Pathfinder Ke Ping chose to move from China to the UK to take on the role of a business relationship manager. For Ping, inspiration has come in many forms, and she sees challenges as stepping stones to opportunities. Only when you put the might of action behind each idea can you create impact—it is this belief that has stood Ping in strong stead, when she first took on her role, and now as she navigates new avenues of growth every day. This is her story.

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Pathfinder Sarita Mishra: Believing in Others for the Win

For Pathfinder Sarita Mishra, the greatest satisfaction comes from supporting others to do their best and realize their full potential. When Sarita took over as Delivery Center Head at TCS Bhubaneshwar, India, she was met with people who questioned her decision because not many women opt to be center heads. But unconventional paths have never fazed Sarita – her confidence has seen her through change and challenges. Staying strong, focused, and determined, collaborating with others, and forging connections to overcome barriers have helped her succeed in a short span of time. Here’s Sarita’s story on progressing to leadership. 

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Pathfinder Leonardo Ruoso: An Opportunity in Every Change

Moving from Brazil to Italy in pursuit of a work opportunity may seem like a bold and audacious career move, but Pathfinder Leonardo Ruoso saw it as a chance to chart out a new direction in his personal and professional life. As someone who has coded since the age of 10, Leonardo sees software as a means of communication—a language of our digital age. He now works in sales and innovation. What drives him is the opportunity to create far-reaching impact through digital transformation, helping not just businesses realize better results but creating better outcomes for societies. Here is his story.

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Pathfinder Natacha Emicuri: Driving Inclusive Growth for TCS Uruguay

For Pathfinder Natacha Emicuri, country head of TCS Uruguay, her years at TCS have been filled with diverse experiences, and avenues to work with people from different cultures and countries—a journey that has seen her live across continents and work closely with clients from various industries. Natacha is not only passionate about growing TCS’ presence in Uruguay, but she also wants to make sure that our belief empowers our associates to work toward our shared purpose, helps our clients in accelerating their transformation journeys, and creates positive impact for the local community.

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Pathfinder Pascal Chaulet: Transforming for Good

As a young designer, Pathfinder Pascal Chaulet had the opportunity to work on a project for ESA and NASA. The experience left a profound impact on him, helping him realize the far-reaching impact our work can have on people, organizations, and the planet. Today, that same passion powers him on as he works with automotive companies, committed to ensuring that through digital transformations, autonomous and EV vehicles, and connected services, we leave our planet in a place better than we found it. 

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Pathfinder Jan Steenberg: Ensuring Sustainable Growth

For Pathfinder Jan Steenberg, who heads TCS’ supply chain consulting practice in APAC and Europe, the field of logistics and supply chain is about more than just getting things from point A to point B. He believes modern supply chains need to be more sustainable—a goal that digital technologies can enable and accelerate. Unfazed by the constant disruptions that demand agility and innovation of supply chain professionals that have ruled his work across decades and in different geographies, he sees the global, multi-cultural nature of work best served by a diverse and inclusive team. Jan’s beliefs, passion, and commitment to the goal of creating positive impact on people and the planet make him the inspiring leader that he is. 

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Pathfinder Sindi Jacobsson: Giving it your 101%

It is often easy to be consumed by the demands of everyday work and to lose sight of your ambitions and dreams. For Pathfinder Sindi Jacobsson, the realization that she needed to actively take charge of her career progression, was the first step in what has since become a journey of learning and growth. Through TCS’ LeaD program, this South Africa-based manager is now training to take on the role of project manager for a banking client in Singapore. Sindi knows the transition will demand much of her—living in another country and working with diverse teams—but it is an experience she looks forward to. Growing up in South Africa, she witnessed widespread racial discrimination. If anything, today she draws on her experiences to highlight the value of inclusion, respect, and humility as she progresses on her path to leadership. 

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Pathfinder Sachin Nayyar: Leading Transformation and Collaboration

A deep passion for improvisation and innovation is the force that drives Pathfinder Sachin Nayyar. He believes growth and transformation can be driven when we envision customer requirements from a place of empathy. Sachin is passionate about helping customers in their journey of digital transformation. This is what drove him to look for a new opportunity to challenge himself and channel his passion towards his ambition, prompting a move from Europe to Australia, to build and drive growth for the Google business unit in APAC. The constant interface with new clients and a varied set of stakeholders keeps him supercharged and motivated to deliver the best outcomes for end users.

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Pathfinder Santha Subramoni: Changing the Women-in-Tech Game

As TCS’ head of cybersecurity services, Pathfinder Santha Subramoni works with leaders from some of the world‘s largest enterprise to rethink enterprise sustainability, and to protect infrastructure, people, and their data. In a professional journey spanning over two decades, she has actively sought opportunities to challenge herself and try new things to grow, learn, and lead. She has taken on increasingly complex, diverse, and demanding responsibilities, including pre-sales, sales, delivery, and eventually business unit leadership. Guided by some very real Yoda figures in her life, she has strengthened business partnerships, and aims to continually develop diverse teams where every individual, their contributions, and ideas are valued. An active supporter of women in tech and an inspiring and humble leader, Santha, shares her perspective on the journey to building a more inclusive team and industry ecosystem.

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Pathfinder Phil Methold: Transforming Insurance to Change Millions of Lives

When you feel passionately about improving the lives of millions of people through your work, there is little to keep you from winning. For BFSI (Banking, Financial Services & Insurance) and BFSI Platforms Sub-ISU Head, Phil Methold, working with insurance clients gives him exactly that opportunity. A firm believer in seeing the best in people and trusting his teams to deliver on their common purpose, Phil has carved out a progression path that takes his teams, colleagues, clients and the communities they work in on a journey of positive impact.

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