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Anantha P Sekar
Global Head, Conversational Experiences

Anantha Sekar is Global Head, Conversational Experiences at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). In this role, Anantha focuses on the future of interactions between people (customers and employees) and enterprises.

Anantha focuses on the Conversational AI powered technological avalanche that is sweeping across businesses, transforming the interaction, engagement and experience for both customers and employees, enabling anytime anywhere multi-modal opti-channel interactions between people and businesses. This includes messaging platforms, chat, virtual agents, programmable voice, smart speakers, cloud contact centres, image recognition, augmented and virtual reality.

Anantha has over 25 years of experience at TCS, working in various international roles across sales, delivery, alliances, consulting and organizational building. Anantha is credited as one of the team of leaders who established TCS' consulting capability. Prior to his current role, Anantha has worked across other strategic portfolios within TCS including Innovation, Integrated Offerings, Business Technology Transformation and Enterprise Architecture.

He currently resides in the London with his wife and daughter. Outside of work, Anantha is a keen follower of developments in Astrophysics, Genetics and Social Sciences.