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PR Krishnan
Global Head, Enterprise Intelligence Automation & AI

PR Krishnan (PRK) is Executive Vice President & Global Head, Enterprise Intelligent Automation & Artificial Intelligence at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). In this role, PRK helps business and technology leaders drive innovation and integrate digital technologies – AI, smart automation, machine learning and cognitive computing – into their business model for growth and transformation.

PRK has strategized innovations that drive human - machine collaboration that serve as the guiding force for elevated growth and success in the Business 4.0 era. PRK spearheads the MFDM™ (Machine First Delivery Model) initiative in TCS to institutionalize the Machine First™ approach across client engagements and within TCS.

PRK’s team creates new opportunities for, enabling the world’s leading enterprises to harness human ingenuity together with machine precision.

For more than 35 years, PRK has played a pivotal role in coaching large teams, demonstrating thought leadership and innovation towards uncovering insights and creating exponential value for large enterprises.

Prior to leading the EIA & AI portfolio, PRK served as Global Head of the IT Infrastructure Services, overseeing the expansion of the TCS services portfolio. In this role, he successfully led several of TCS’ global delivery centers (GDC), paving the way for the creation of the company’s Global Network Delivery Model (GNDMTM).

Starting in 2004, he was responsible for creating and running the telecom delivery centers for TCS, where he built a 3000+ strong practice servicing over 40 customers, growing the practice in a time when the telecom industry was just beginning to embrace technological advancements.

PRK has contributed significantly towards leading a very successful SEI CMM Level 5 assessment that became a new benchmark and model across TCS.

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