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Suranjan Chatterjee
Global Head, Cloud Apps, Microservices & API

Suranjan Chatterjee is Global Head, Cloud Apps, Microservices & APIfication at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). In this role, Suranjan helps the world’s leading enterprises leverage cloud services to fuel innovation, accelerate technology adoption and realize speed, agility and scale.

He leads strategic initiatives for cloud-based application modernization and integration service offerings and is focused on driving growth related to cloud-native application development, migrations, hybrid cloud integrations, microservices design, “API-fication” and containerization.

Suranjan has over 21 years of experience in IT solutions, lending his expertise on many enterprise transformation projects as both a consultant and business leader. Prior to his current role, he held multiple positions at TCS involving the Oracle business, where he oversaw areas such as emerging business opportunities in India and other growth markets, and the management of presales and numerous client engagements.

Suranjan currently resides in India with his wife. Outside of work, Suranjan is an avid reader of thought leadership articles from leading publishers and is a connoisseur of world cinema.

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