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Ledvance Optimizes its IT Infrastructure

Smart IT operations pave the way for smart products and enhanced customer experience

Ledvance GmbH
Lighting Technology
End-to-end infrastructure services


Ledvance wanted to transform its business model to gain competitive edge

Amid its recent business model evolution, Ledvance – the German provider of innovative and energy-efficient lighting technologies – has begun to provide digital services such as IoT smart building and tech support for retail partners, thereby expanding its portfolio of services. Additionally, at an organizational level, Ledvance is transforming into a professional lighting services company for its end customers. To drive enterprise-wide digital transformation, Ledvance has adopted a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model with strict standardization based on industry best practices. The company sought a partner for the operation and maintenance of its IT infrastructure and a few applications to rationalize processes and optimize costs in the short term. In addition, Ledvance planned to move to the cloud with a flexible SaaS in the medium term, and therefore needed a strategic partner to support its more than 50 international subsidiaries.



The German lighting company optimizes IT with quality and speed

After a thorough assessment of potential vendors, both by Ledvance’s business teams and external market experts, TCS was chosen for its technology proficiency, domain understanding and delivery commitment. Under acute time pressure, the project started in January 2020 and the migration had to be completed by March 31, 2020, with no room for delay. TCS presented a structured plan to meet the deadline, outlining several milestones that divided the project into clearly defined stages. By using extensive questionnaires, the project team transferred knowledge from internal IT teams to TCS’ experts in the Indian service centers. The tight schedule necessitated huge personal commitment from teams at TCS and Ledvance, despite the outbreak of COVID-19 in March 2020 – the final phase of the project. With sites temporarily closed and no face-to-face meetings, all remaining tasks were completed remotely. Thanks to their commitment and hard work, the team managed to meet the deadline. TCS took over operations of the infrastructure and associated applications exactly as planned.

“I have already worked with many IT service providers, but none have convinced me like TCS. The team is highly flexible, very well organized, masters even the trickiest challenges, and puts their heart and soul into their work."

Christian Guehrs, Head of IT Infrastructure, LEDVANCE GmbH


Ledvance enhances productivity by bringing in automation

After the successful handover, the second collaborative phase began in April 2020, as TCS identified the functional and strategic optimization potential. The goal was to automate IT while further improving existing processes. Over the course of this project, Ledvance saw the opportunity to engage with TCS beyond regular operations. The TCS team proactively identified potential system and process improvements, allowing Ledvance to focus entirely on providing excellent services to its end customers, thereby staying ahead of the competition.

TCS' Global Network Delivery ModelTM, a scalable onshore and offshore service model, ensures that operations are smooth and compliant at all times. A 24x7 service desk support for the entire global infrastructure complements the work further. As expected, IT operations are now significantly more cost-efficient; after just a few weeks, Ledvance had achieved savings of around 20%.

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