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Accelerating Agile Transformation in the Utilities Industry with the Lego Blocks Approach


Lego Blocks: An Agile Transformation Approach in the Utilities Industry


Digital strategies to help water companies deliver intended business outcomes

To develop and support products, organizations, including water and other utility firms, are using agile methodologies and DevOps toolsets. Companies have identified platforms as the basis on which to devise their digital strategies. This is because the modular nature of platforms allows firms to experiment, learn, and fail, thus driving agile transformation in the utilities industry. To illustrate, platforms comprise of products and services, and much like Lego blocks, each platform can be put together or taken apart based on the platform's business outcome or to even build a new platform. To build the right platform, firms must align their business strategy with IT platforms, which will help them meet their desired business outcomes.

These platforms can be categorized into three blocks for any organization:

- Customer capability platform

- Internal capability platform

- IT capability platform

While firms have invested in digital technologies to develop agility in achieving their business outcomes, what will determine their success is how they leverage these tools.

Shiban Banerjee

Digital Consulting Partner, Tata Consultancy Services, UK

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