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Eaton partners with TCS for QAD MFG/PROERP excellence
In this video, Gregg Fleck, Vice President, Manufacturing Center of Excellence in IT, Industrial Sector, Eaton Corporation, highlights how Eaton partnered with TCS to ensure excellence in QAD MFG/PRO support and development activities.
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Eaton Corporation Plc
Power management

Eaton is a global technology leader in power management solutions that make electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power operate more efficiently, effectively, safely and sustainably. A diversified power management company, it selected TCS for its ERP application support and engaged us in the development activities of its MFG/PRO ERP Application.


Gregg Fleck: Vice President, Manufacturing Center of Excellence in IT

Experience Results

Gregg discusses TCS’ commitment to service excellence demonstrated by the team executing this engagement. He also highlights how TCS always ranks at the top in their balanced scorecard assessments.

Experience Partnership

Hear Gregg explain how our large talent base and ability to bring on diverse technical skills backed by in-depth business knowledge led Eaton to choose TCS. The onshore-offshore engagement enabled round-the-clock support, reducing costs while increasing deliverability, a benefit he highlights here.

Experience Leadership

Gregg describes how TCS has been able to come in and understand Eaton’s environment and how the transparency of our leadership team has helped make this relationship much stronger than a conventional customer-service provider relationship.

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