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Lexmark Accelerates Real-Time Insights

TCS helps implement the SAP HANA high-speed, in-memory platform to drive efficiency in operations.

Lexmark International Inc.

Lexmark wanted to optimize and simplify business processes for improved decision-making.

Global technology leader, Lexmark International, has over 12,000 employees, serves clients in over 170 countries, and reports annual revenue of $3.6 Billion (2015).

Lexmark wanted to leverage rapid and integrated data from across the enterprise to:

  • Deliver essential financial reports to enterprise leaders in real-time

  • Enhance user experiences with faster applications and data

  • Reduce data storage while loading data faster

By migrating to SAP HANA, Lexmark would be able to unify its business suite and retrieve data faster. 


TCS migrates Lexmark’s system to the SAP HANA platform in under six months.

TCS has had a successful engagement with Lexmark for over a decade. Building on this trust, Lexmark partnered with us to migrate its Enterprise Central Component (ECC) business suite’s database from MS SQLServer to SAP HANA. Our team performed the technical migration, testing strategy, test planning, plan dual landscape, and go-live planning.

To ensure a smooth transition, we executed comprehensive migration preparation activities, including checking the integrated third-party system’s adaptability to SAP HANA, custom code analysis and remediation, and the set-up of a dual landscape.

Lexmark’s ‘flash report’ gives a daily, global view of its revenue.

 and execute the database migration to SAP HANA. We then conducted intensive testing processes to ensure success.

With a strong foundation laid, TCS and Lexmark are now moving forward with the implementation of SAP S/4HANA—SAP’s latest innovative suite of enterprise applications. They are also considering SAP Fiori as a future enabler. Our team has thus helped create a roadmap for new opportunities along Lexmark’s digital transformation journey.

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