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Lexmark Transforms Technology Landscape
Brad Clay, Chief Information and Compliance Officer, Lexmark, discusses how TCS has been the company’s trusted IT partner for over a decade, helping them develop and deliver innovative, customer-centric products and services.
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Process Automation Cloud Solutions

Experience Results

In this video, Brad talks about how TCS’ projects and engagements over the past 14 years have touched every part of Lexmark as an organization.

He adds, “With TCS’ help, we reduced the number of Severity 1, Severity 2 defects by 40% which is a tremendous outcome… We also saw a year-over-year improvement as TCS was leveraging automation and benefits from the cloud was a similar 30% reduction in cost.”

Experience Partnership

Appreciative of TCS’ role as a trusted partner, Brad notes, “What makes TCS different for Lexmark is that TCS has acted as a partner whenever there have been challenges. Whether it was in our ERP rollout or operational moves or move to the cloud, TCS was with us every step of the way and we haven't forgotten that as we look at our journey from a partner perspective.”

Experience Leadership

Impressed with the role TCS played in helping Lexmark move to the cloud, Brad remarks, “When we explained to TCS our desire to move to the cloud and get the benefits of a platform-based service, TCS came back with a very compelling offering and helped us design a hybrid solution...”

He adds, "Business 4.0 is a very interesting topic. We see it aligning very well with our future roadmap, the way Lexmark sees its own evolution, not only in IT, but in some cases how we deliver products and services to our customers. We believe that TCS is going to be the company to help us unlock the value to really deliver next generation of products to our customers.”

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